The JERRAWANGALA Roads and Maritime Services project was completed in early July 2019, after I was approached to paint 2 water tanks at the Jerrawangala rest stop. The water tanks had been ‘tagged’ and this project was initiated to deter the would be graffiti artists. The concept development is also based on a beautification of the rest stop, utilised by many motorists travelling the south coast.

My theme is based on utilising a predominantly Indigenous colour scheme with Aboriginal place names inserted in the visible text. My concept was also developed to assist in promoting Aboriginal culture to the wider community.The patterning style is again relative to the old traditional tree-carving practices and designs practiced by Aboriginal people and emanating originally from patterns within nature.

During the painting of these tanks I had a sudden realisation that I have developed an easily recognisable and unique personal style that has been blossoming over a period of many years. It feels fantastic for me, as an artist to have developed this style that viewers can see and associate these images as being mine.