TARAGARA ABORIGINAL CORPORATION and University of New England 2020 – NAIDOC WEEK – ‘Online, Oncountry Gallery’ exhibition

Thursday 9th of November was the date for the on-line opening of this exciting exhibition, focusing on the diversity of style and techniques utilised by contemporary Aboriginal Artists. The show was held in the Dixson Library on campus at the University of New England in Armidale. The exhibition was generously supported by local Armidale, New England ABC Radio with artist and curator interviews featuring during the program.

Featuring four contemporary Aboriginal artists:

  • Warwick Keen
  • Brentyn Lugnan
  • Frank Wright
  • Michael Brogan (ARTIST/CURATOR).

As already indicated Michael Brogan’s rationale for the exhibition was to celebrate a belated NAIDOC through his vision of the representation of 4 selected artists (including himself) from different geographical regions within NSW. North (Michael Brogan) – South (Warwick Keen) – East (Brentyn Lugnan) and West (Frank Wright)

I travelled to Armidale in January to view the show in situe and was impressed by the Dixson Library space as an interestingly different and special venue to display the show. Generous provision of space for the large works to be able to hang and breathe and the Brutalistic architecture provided a stark contrast to the vivid colours that featured in most of the work on show. Michael’s PVC sculptures and his large scale drawings fitted in perfectly with the architecture.

“Always was, always will be” Acrylic, sawdust and foam on board – 2007

(On loan from the University of New England)

“BUNGAREE – The first Australian”
Oil sticks on canvas – 2012

(from the exhibition of the same name held at Mosman Art Gallery 2012 and “Bungaree’s Farm exhibition 2015)

“Beneath the briar bush” Acrylic and carving on board – 2020

“FRACKING – Environmental Vandalism” – Acrylic on board (6 paintings)